Beads on Belrose

Beads on Belrose

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I’m not dressed until I put on a necklace. It completes my outfit. I’ve owned a number of retail businesses in North Carolina including home accessories, an art gallery and a high end dress/fashion shop. Once retired, I’ve spent the past 15 years creating one of a kind jewelry.

Traveling to Venice I fell in love with Venetian Glass Beads. These beads have amazing illustrious colors, elaborate designs and exceptional polish. Most are made in Murano by the island’s skillful and talented glass masters. I travel to Venice once or twice a year to buy beads directly from these glass masters. I take these beads and design one of a kind necklaces. I have sold these necklaces in retail stores and museum gift shops in the past. I will now offer them for sale on this website.

Bethy T Gruber

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